Location Promotion - model 3

Promotion on the Map as visibly labeled place, as well as on the bottom of the page with the graphic logo that direct users toward the web page of the promoted Location.

Promotion on the Most Popular/Featured/Location webpage.

Promotion of your business in the Location section in the appropriate category and subcategory of the web portal and application include set up of relevant information and graphical elements in a particular category.

Information include: the name of the location, address, hours, logos, links to social networks, e - mail address, telephone number, as well as setting up a special web page with a detailed description and relevant images for the selected period of time.

Price list:

1 month 5000 RSD

3 months 12000 RSD (~ 4000 RSD / month)

6 months 20000 RSD (~ 3350 RSD / month)

12 months 35000 RSD (~ 2900 RSD / month)