We want to thank you for placing your trust in us with your desire to establish cooperation. City Beats (Otkucaji grada) are synergetic aggregate of events that take place in Belgrade. It is our desire to include as many events as there is, because every event has its audience and we feel it is worth mentioning and promoting it to global community.

It is impossible for ourselves to be aware of all the events which are available in the city, therefore it is necessary for you to keep us informed about those events that you are hosting. You may keep us informed by giving us link to the digital marketing channel you use to promote your events (Facebook, Twitter, your website,...), thus we will be informed about them. That way we may further their promotion on Otkucaji Grada website and its promotional and affiliate channels.

In regard to this, if you want to organize your future events in digital or real world, we may help you with that. Please contact us via email: and along with a brief description of your activities provide the web address of your distribution channels, or if you do not have it, let us make Your personalized presentation that people will notice and get to you as quickly as they can.

We look forward to our future cooperation,

BGPixel team